Gift of LOVE for 2010

Gift of LOVE for 2010  

By The Starting Point×9-V8yQgJyEZr5TTyIk91w%3D%3D

I don’t usually use other writers; I couldn’t say it any better, enjoy.


Which means more to you, you or your renown?
Which brings more to you, you or what you own?
I say what you gain is more trouble than what you lose.

Love is the fruit of sacrifice. Wealth is the fruit of generosity. A contented man is never disappointed.He who knows when to stop is preserved from peril,only thus can you endure long.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a new year. It’s a time for renewal and a chance to rededicate ourselves to the main purpose of life, our spiritual journey of growth. We are taught by all the great teachers to continue to ask the ultimate question of life, “Who are we?” Since each one of us was created in God’s image, we continue to journey through our time on this earth as people always in the process of trying to be open to the wonderments and struggles of life. We are taught by our Creator with the spirit of love and generosity we can discover much of our potential, remembering the beautiful slogan, “There but for the grace of God”. Be open and gentle with each person we meet following the Golden Rule, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Our first responsibility is to learn how to love and accept ourselves. This is the foundation of all spiritual growth. Then we will have the gift of love to pass onto those we meet. Love is the ultimate energy that burns inside all of us. We are all lovers. This is the core of spiritual of our spiritual self. We were given this gift by our Creator. It is our responsibility to continue to rediscover all of God’s gifts in us. Love is the energy that heals, forgives, and allows us to be connected to each other. We are not islands who can grow alone. We need each other. Each person is part of our human family. The energy of love is the bond that brings us together.

We are also told to face the ultimate questions of life in the spirit of abundance and generosity. All of us have so much to share if only we would learn that abundance is God’s gift to us. Our Creator reminds us that we need to share and live in the spirit of generosity and much will be returned to us. Have faith, be open, don’t worry, and understand that we will all receive God’s care. God and his angels are always there as our guides in this world. They are the messengers of love and generosity.

We are taught to look within not without. Everything we need for this journey of life has already been given to us by our Creator. We are asked what is more important you or what you own? The more we have the more we have to protect. If we are at peace with who we are, we will not be disappointed. Getting to know yourself is what the journey of life is all about. Let go and let God be our guide. We need to learn how to participate in the flow and process of life. Having the gift of faith will allow us to discern what is important in life. The Creator sends us so many messengers. Each person, each circumstance, each experience we have faced happened so that as people we can continue our journey of self discovery and awareness. This is the goal of our spiritual journey. Life is such a wonderful gift. Let’s learn to face our past, our history, and let them become our teacher. Face life, celebrate it, and be open to where we will be led.

I can look my past with all of its struggles today in the spirit of gratitude and generosity. I have learned that all my experiences have led me to discover my strengths and from them I can share my hope that others will learn from my experience.

I have been given so many great teachers, my parents, my family, my church, my recovery family at Starting Point, and of course my wife, step daughters and my grandchildren. I thank God every day that I’ll continue to be open and listen so that I can always be in process of learning new lessons.

My prayer for myself and all of you is that we can face this wonderful journey of life with the energy of love and the spirit of generosity. Remember to give is to receive, to love is to be loved. Take time as we celebrate this New Year to renew our commitment to these two wonderful gifts of love and generosity. May God bless and guide all of us on this wonderful journey called life. Please don’t try to walk this journey alone. We are all part of God’s human family. Love and generosity can’t exist unless they are shared. May God bless us all in this New Year of life.


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“For a Fast Life….Fast”

I live a fast life. My calendar is filled to the max. If I’m not active or in the midst of a decision to invest or build I feel I’m not being productive. I’m in the midst of writing a book and when I take some time to watch a movie or some other activity which my mind is telling me is trivial, I feel anxious.
At sixty years of age I feel good, look younger than most my age and I’m in great physical shape. All of those things are true because for the majority of my life I didn’t think and feel like I described above. I worked hard when I worked and I relaxed and enjoyed the day or evening when at home. I’ve been preaching “For things to change, first I must change”. Being anxious when I’m relaxing is not healthy. It’s WRONG thinking. I was listening to a preacher (in the background; one must multi task) and he was talking about fasting.
Fasting; to go without, to give up or sacrifice, to abstain from food.
I’m stealing from Pastor Gregory Dicklow. What I described in the opening is clearly WRONG thinking. I’m going to Fast from WRONG THINKING. I going to pay attention, I’m going to analyze my thoughts more closely. Not only anxious thoughts; I’m going to watch negative thoughts and angry thoughts and any type of thinking that’s not conducive to my well being all the well being of those around me.
Please join me in this FAST FROM WRONG THINKING for thirty days. Read positive books, poems and affirmations. When a WRONG thought trespasses, correct the mind. Say to yourself, “That’s not like me, I don’t think or talk that way.” If someone cuts you off in traffic use Jim Rohn’s method; “Now isn’t that fascinating.”
I’m more relaxed already.
I add value to peoples lives.
I am confident and charismatic.
I am important.
I have important work to do.
I was sent here for a reason.
I fulfill my mission.
I live my vision.
I make a difference.
I create every moment of my life.
I am true to my own heart.
My word is law.
I don’t take anything personally.
I approve of myself now.
Now that’s what I talkin’ about. Join me for the fast, 30 days, lets do it.

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“Unkept Promises”

  • Are there unkept promises you’ve made to yourself? Is there a thing gnawing on the inside of you? A voice which nags and you keeping shouting over it, not now, I’ll do it later. Or the most feeble of excuses; I’m not capable, nobody in my family has ever done it, everyone will laugh at me. This thing you know you were meant to do but have yet to even start? This promise you made in your youth and thought you put it behind you but it just won’t let you be. I have great friggin news for you. Starting right at this moment you are on your way.

    “If You Continue To Think Like You’ve Always Thought,You’ll Continue To Get What You’ve Always Got”

    I suggest, no I command you to surround yourself with people that will hold you accountable to do that thing. If you are the smartest person in the top five people you hang with, find and create another group. Seek out likeminded people. When you finally gather your confidence to boldly speak your dreams to the world you must have a staunch group of men and women who will come along side and even get behind and push when needed.

    The only reason these words are appearing before me on my laptop is because I have chosen to surround myself with likeminded unfulfilled men and women who have decided to “Go For It”. We have spilled our guts out to each other, we have made ourselves vulnerable so in the days, weeks, months and years ahead not only will we have the voice in our heads, we’ll have many voices prompting and exclaiming, “You can do it!”, “If it was easy everybody would be doing it.”, “With god all things are possible.”, “This is your time.”, “If Not you then who?”.

    These accountability partners; fifteen are from my family we’ve named “Sylver’s Billionaire Alliance” because becoming wealthy is our goal. I have an extended family all over the world who I’ve promised I would do a great work. I have mentors; Jim Rohn, Marshall Sylver, T Harv Eker, Les Brown, Bob Allen and others who I promised I would take what they have taught me and use it for good; to build schools and hospitals here and around the world. To bring the message that anything is possible for ANYONE who’ll make the decision to take control of your life and DO SOMETHING!

    I call them family because the ultimate goal of real family is to motivate, praise and to expect great accomplishments while at the same time holding them accountable for that which they say they will do. And thirty six months, ago this family I love today, I didn’t know a single one. I sought them out. Not individually but I traveled to events where I know there will be others who have decided there is much to do. Go where people are walking down out of the stands and onto the playing field to become players and reject the role of spectator.

    We are unique as individuals. There has never been and will never be another who walks and talks and thinks exactly as you. You are rare and there is extreme value in rarity. God doesn’t make junk. You are here for a reason and it’s not to watch TV, go on vacations, drive cool cars or live in a golf course community. All though they are all great rewards for doing well, they should not be the goal. In the end they will not satisfy.

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    ‘Tension Relieving”


    I’m a procrastinator. I usually delay projects to the last minute.

    I have a ten minute presentation tomorrow evening and needed to

    work on it all week end.

    The British Open was on the tube most of the morning. I cut the

    grass and performed many “BUSY” tasks all day.

    A very profound lady said on a teaching program this week;

    “Our actions are either “Tension Relieving” or “Goal Achieving”.

    WOW!!!!!!!! In the middle of cutting the grass today that

    statement slapped me up a long side of my head. Here I am,

    doing the worst activity I can think of and yet it was a way to

    relieve the tension of having to prepare for my presentation.

    After all the grass must be cut, and what better time then now.

    I’m a motivated guy and yet I’m am so easily distracted from

    activities which are much more beneficial to my future because

    of the comfort factor. She also said; “Successful people are

    committed to results, unsuccessful people are committed to comfort.”

    Learning every day!!!!!


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    “The Vase”

    The Vase

    Life and writing about it is an adventure. Writing this unique type of book is even more fun because there is little that happens that doesn’t fit. I’m writing and watching/listening to the Georgia vs. LSU football game.

    As I finished editing my road trip e-mail I glanced over at our vase on the coffee table. A vase I bought for Marilyn on my last day of the road trip; it always makes me smile when I see it. It was an incredible experience at the time. It took me months after the fact to tell anyone but Marilyn because I felt it was self serving. Now I believe the story has the possibility of inspiring others.

    I had been away for over two weeks; I was about six hours away from home and had yet to purchase a gift for my lovely wife. I know many men; I don’t know very many who could go off on a two week adventure alone without catching a bunch of grief from the lady of the house. Marilyn is so very, very, very good to me.

    I was winding through the mountains of southern West Virginia, it was so incredibly beautiful and the convertible enhanced the ride tenfold. I spotted a sign for a West Virginia crafts pavilion where I could purchase something appropriate for Marilyn.

    The circular pavilion sat high on a hill top and is a modern structure. Every vendor and store in the building were local craftsman and artists. The place had an incredible atmosphere with an open air court yard in the center.

    Most of what was available was kind of country style oriented and the wife is anything but country. As I wondered around I spied a glass-blower with an extensive gallery of glass on display. Marilyn had recently become infatuated with varieties of vases, so I looked for a piece that was really different from what we had at the house. It was difficult to choose, the guys work was all so beautifully crafted.

    Amazingly there were a few with both humming birds and Iris flower designs on them; Marilyn’s favorite bird and favorite flower. There were varied sizes and designs. As I was choosing which one to purchase an elderly lady and her middle aged daughter came a long side of me looking at the vases.

    The daughter picked one humming bird vases up and her mom was ouhhing and ahhing about how beautiful they were and how wonderful it would be to have it in her home. The daughter suggested she get the vase but mom said; “I can buy a pair of shoes and a dress for what that cost.” They returned the vase to the shelf and went on their way.

    I choose the one that I liked for Marilyn and started for the counter. I passed the one the two ladies were looking at and smiled remembering their conversation. I grabbed the second vase and took both to the counter. The counter person asked if they were gifts and asked if I would like them wrapped; separately I requested and in individual bags.

    I circled the entire building looking for mom and her daughter. I thought they had left the building and was thinking about how happy Marilyn would be with the two vases; one chosen by her husband and one by a stranger from West Virginia. I started for my car. Just before I reached an exit I saw mom and her daughter looking through some linens.

    I approached them and said something about the linens they were eyeing. I asked; “Wasn’t it you two who were looking at the humming bird vases back at the glass blower?” The older lady smiled the biggest smile and went on and on about how wonderful delicate looking they were and how she loved humming birds. I handed her the bag and said; “Here you’re supposed to have this.” She looked at me quizzically and then looked at her daughter. She very slowly opened the bag, and as I walked quickly away I looked back and they were both staring into the bag with their mouths hanging wide open. I will never forget the glorious look on their faces.

    As I hit the parking lot I was crying and skip jumping and laughing; people were looking at me like I was a crazy man; I was, I was crazy happy. I felt like the Long Ranger (“Who was that masked man?”), Santa Clause and the tooth fairy all rolled into one.

    The rest of my ride home I was singing, crying and laughing. Each time I remember I can see the looks on their faces and their expressions I begin to smile and many times, like now, tears of happiness appear in my eyes. It was absolutely the most invigorating way to end the trip. I recommend it to anyone.


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    Get In The Game


    We’ve all said it or heard it at one time or another, come on “Get In The Game”. In the context of this narrative we mean the Game of Life. The bottom line every reader here is already in the game; but most sit in the stands watching not really considering the rules of the game. The reality; there are no rules and it’s your game you are the team.

    It’s your game and you are the;

    Creator of the team
    General Manager
    Offensive Coach
    Defensive Coach
    Time keeper

    The aspects of the game in which we have some or little control are when the game started; the initial few periods are when we had forced outside coaches and game controllers (parents/guardians). Once we fire the coaches we control the game till the dirt nap arrives.

    It’s time to look around the field, check out if it’s time to play offence or defense. Is it the beginning, middle or is the clock ticking down. Am I in control of my team, if not who is? And if I’m not in control of the game; why and what needs to be done to gain control (there’s always time for a big come back).

    Some advice, if there is an unauthorized controller of your game, leave them in control for the short term. Formulate your entire future game plan; verify it’s ready to implement, and then fire their butt.

    Be sure you surround yourself with cheer leaders and likeminded players. The cool part is you can hire as many team members as you like; and if they are rewarded correctly, many will join your team for life.

    Half time, second period, seventh inning stretch, it’s the back nine, the second set; however you envision your game, it’s now time to take control:

    “Get In Your Game”.

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    “Gift Wrapped”

    How are you at waiting to open gifts? Before Christmas (insert your holiday here) or your birthday if there was a gift wrapped for you before the big day, is there a desire to know what is in the package? The anticipation of good to come is always exciting.

    When I was young we would visit my Aunt Yvonne every summer or she would visit us. It was always a great time in the family. Aunt Yvonne didn’t have children of her own and treated me very special. And each year before the visit ended she would always give me my Christmas gift, beautifully wrapped and with a tag saying; “Do Not Open Before Christmas”. And so for about five months I would visit the package on the shelf in the closet, wondering and imagining what great things awaited me on Christmas day.
    On the day you were born you were this beautiful wondrous package delivered to the world. Whether or not you were greatly loved at the time of birth or an unwelcome visitor you were delivered as a gift to everyone here on this planet. No one born before nor anyone who would come after you would have your fingerprints, your voice or your creative abilities. You are a beautifully wrapped package presented to the world, a gift if you will, unique to all others.
    Gifts are to be unwrapped. Some are unwrapped slowly and methodically so as not to destroy the ribbon and paper; and then, with gentle care open the box to reveal the treasure. The “funnest” way is to tear into the package with paper and ribbon flying and then jumping in joy at the contents unveiled.
    There is even uniqueness in the opening of the gifts.
    You are a fabulous gift to me. You are a gift to your family, your friends and to the world. Gifts are to be opened and appreciated. A gift has no value to anyone, no matter the beauty of the wrapping, if the gift stays wrapped.
    If you must you can start slowly and methodically to unwrap your gift for us. Unlock that which is hidden from the world and show us this great treasure we have been waiting so long to enjoy. Preferably, jump down from the closet shelf with paper and ribbon flying, with friends and family laughing and jumping for joy as the great surprise that you are has become visible for all the world to see and enjoy. Whatever the method used it’s important to us that the gift you have hidden inside becomes the benefit to the world God designed it to be.
    We great anticipation, we anxiously await!

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    Alphabet Soup part 4


    Tomorrow,………… tomorrow, …………the sun will come up tomorrow! Tomorrow….what exactly will happen the day after today? That day and the one’s thereafter should not only be lived they should be designed. A vision, a plan designed by you and no one else; creating a vision, a future movie if you will, of your life to come. Relax and see your future, see your vision internally; put your vision in writing and then live that vision. Your vision is your dreams, goals and plans; written down and referred to daily as you would any map as you travel to your chosen destination. If you don’t know where you going, how are you going to know when you get there?
    Energy for your life comes from inside; your inner belief that you are moving toward your destiny. Enthusiasm for what you’re doing is contagious to those around you; it says you’re serious about life and that it can be fun to go to work. Enthusiasm is a magnet which attracts those likeminded individuals who will help you attain that which you desire. If you’re not enthusiastic about what you’re doing you need to be doing something else. What is it you would do for Free no matter your financial status; that is where your heart lies. It doesn’t mean you have to make a living pursuing this. If you endeavor to do that which your love what you do to make a living will take on a new light. Get excited about your life; no one get’s out alive. You can die in the stands or on the field of play, you chose.
    Each week, each month and each year review your plans and goals. In all things “Life Happens” and circumstances change. A revision of your goals is an important process. There are always detours along the way; a change in course may be needed. The important thing is that you’re moving in the direction of your plans and dreams, course correction is not failure. When they launch a rocket towards the moon or Mars; it’s on course about 5% of the time, 95% of the time it’s correcting course. Revise and review as often as possible.


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    Alphabet Soup part 3


    What is your big why? Your why; is the specific reason, dream or goal of your life. Your why is your drive, it’s the reason your two feet hit the floor in the morning. Think for a moment; “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” Your why should be so large, so huge that it becomes the magnet which pulls you through the tough times, the down times that we know will always come; it is your motivation to keep on keeping on. The most successful “Why’s” are the ones that benefit those other than yourself.


    One of biggest fallacies of our times is we can accomplish great things without great effort. Today it’s very popular to name it and claim it; or if we just put it out “To The Universe” and believe it enough we can have whatever we desire. Ancient script tells us; “Faith without works is nothing”. It’s heard all the time about successful individuals; “Boy are they lucky.” Luck is opportunity in work clothes. Effort takes many forms; research, asking for help and getting advice, making a schedule, setting goals, creating a business plan and taking care of yourself mentally and physically are all part and parcel of concentrated effort. A plan with concentrated effort behind it; you will become extremely lucky.


    Taking massive action on an idea is the fuel that drives the idea. To be candid, this is one of my personal foibles. Many times it’s a fear of failure or what others may think that stops us. Many of us want to be sure the business or project is going to be one hundred percent before we go for it. Even my own history tells me getting started and moving towards the goal is the most critical action. “Fail Forward Fast” or “Ready Fire Aim” are two phrases to engrave in our consciousness. It’s easier to correct course while in motion then when standing still. When a rocket is on its way to the moon it is only on course about five percent of time. It’s constantly correcting course. Take action and take massive action now.


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    Alphabet Soup part 2

    Many times when trying to explain a concept someone in the past or present has done so with such clarity it is ludicrous not to just pass it on. Tenacity in the words of Sir Winston Churchill; “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Today and forever; Never give in, Never give in; never, never, never give up.

    Yes, become irresistible. Is that even possible you ask? To be irresistible is to be conscious at all times of how we may appear to others, both in look and sound. A friend and mentor, Marshall Sylver, calls it “Pretty Pictures”; being conscious of how you look and carry yourself at all times so if someone took a picture of you anytime, anyplace; it would be a “Pretty Picture.” Many people believe they should not be judged by the way they look, and that may be true, but reality is You Are! Dressing well, a constant comfortable smile, being the first to greet someone, looking people in the eye, asking questions about them and not telling them about “me”, uplifting comments, not gossiping, and good hygiene are good starts. Being irresistible is not getting people to like you; being irresistible is liking and supporting others. People don’t care what you know; they want to know that you care.


    No one likes a fake. You are a unique creation of God. No one who has ever walked the planet and no one who will come after you will think, talk, or create like you. Put your uniqueness on display, and be yourself. We like you for who you are, not who you think we want you to be. People don’t care how much you know; they want to know how much you care. Be yourself at all times.


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